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Height: 5’1 (155 cm)
Age: 23
HW: 152
UGW: Happy and Healthy

This is not a diet, this is a life change.
Within this blog you will find:
Positive body image, motivation, healthy food and recipes, exercises, and encouragement.

I do not follow proana/promia, negative, non-fitness related or unhealthy blogs.
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Evanna Lynch fought anorexia at a young age.  While she was struggling, she looked to a fantasy world for support like many of us do, and found inspiration in Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood.  While in a treatment center, Evanna wrote to JK Rowling to tell the author how much the books inspired her.  Evanna said, “[JKR] wrote back and she was like a counsellor.  She told me that anorexia is destructive, not creative, and the brave thing to do was not to succumb to it. I told her I’d love to be in the films and she encouraged that but said I’d need to be well to do so.”  Evanna eventually left that treatment center in recovery, and she later had her ultimate dream come true - to play Luna in the Harry Potter films.  I think Evanna’s story shows us that looking for hope in characters, novels, and fantasy worlds is a great thing to do if you can find something to inspire you to fight.  It also shows that you have to be well before your dreams can come true.  Being sick and stuck in your ED will not get you the job you’ve dreamed of, or the life you hoped to live.  Being healthy and working towards recovery will help you finally find hope, success, and happiness.

wow…this is so inspiring <333


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